Wisconsin Ellects First Black Lieutenant Governor; Mandela Barnes!

History has officially been made! As Wisconsin has currently elected the first black Lieutenant Governor, also making history as the youngest lieutenant governor in the nation. It was most definitely a difficult task, but #MandellaBarnes came, saw and conquered.

If we could sum up the 2018 midterm elections with one word it would be “ Monumental” . As thousands of millennials worked together to rock the vote and make a difference within society; unfortunately we were all forced to learn the ugly truth about our nation. According to #Essence magazine Barnes ran through through numerous loop holes while running for lieutenant governor. Not only was Barnes named removed from multiple sample ballots, he was also mistaken for a white male and announced dead on a local TV station. “ It was wild “ , Barnes states within an interview with essence.

Sources state Barnes was born in Milwaukee, also know for the highest rate of incarcerated black males. Barnes motivation for running came from his father who would bring him each time he went to vote. Also allowing him to fill out sample ballets;  “He made me go with him every time, made me grab a sample ballot and learn everything. “ With every obstacle set against Barnes, in the end his determination and resiliency allowed him to prevail.