#TweetLikeAPickMe Two year Anniversary!!

You can always count on #BlackTwitter to shine a light within perspective to things that the average individual stands clear of. This year serves as the 2nd annual anniversary of “ Tweet Like A Pick Me “

The hilariously epic movement consists of  female users, casually mocking Women who mock other Women at the expense of gaining attention from the opposite sex. You know the girls who are often found on various social media platforms writing various updates that appease the Male ego? 

For example : 

” Y’all Want Guys to treat y’all like Queens but not willing to treat these men like Kings “ - PICK ME

” I’m a freak in the sheets and in the streets! Because if he don’t get it from me, he’ll definitely get it from someone else “ - PICK ME  

“ let’s be real, all Men cheat but as long as he doesn’t disrespect me I’m cool with it, because I’m grown “ - PICK ME

” Rules are different for men, that just the way it is “- PICK ME  

 “ if you really care for your man, you’ll send him nudes without him even having to

ask “ P I C K M E! 

“ I’m not like other girls, I go to work, mind my business and stay in the house. That’s why I got a man and y’all don’t “ - PICK ME  

Check out a few of our favorites; beware they get a little Spicy!