#BlackGirlsDoingIT : Graduating Student Received Masters Degree And Law Degree Days Apart!!

In honor of Graduation season please join us in issuing a major salute to the graduating class of 2019!! As we all know; college is a major commitment full of highs and lows but the end goal makes it all worth the while. Just imagine the feeling of gratitude one must endure obtaining not only their master’s degree but also their law degree within the same week though?

According to #NewsOne ; George Washington University and University of Pennsylvania Law School student #AshleyWilliams graduated not once but two times within the same week. Sources have indicated that Williams received her masters in Political management and two days later received her JD. Williams academic quest began in 2015, initially taking up online courses pertaining to a political management program. Online classes permitted Williams the flexibility to go pursue a second degree.

Williams describes her journey as both sacrificial and beneficial, “A lot of people wondered why I continued with my master’s after starting law school, but both stimulated my mind in different ways. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to do both, but it did require sacrifice and discipline. Stating that through the trials and tribulations she stayed grounded and remained focused ; “During my first year of school, I stopped my Master’s program so I could focus on law full time. The summer following my first year, I resumed my Master’s program and simultaneously did law and my Master’s until I completed my Master’s in December of 2018—which I did while I was studying abroad in Tokyo.

Congratulations Ashley, job well done!!!