Missy Elliot Makes History; Becoming The First Female Rapper To Be Inducted Into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame!


From The #90s and then on #MisstElliot has single handily penned and produced hit after hit after hit. From POPPING finger waves to colored aluminum body suits; Missy’s unique styling in both music and fashion has always shined through. She’s been in the game over 20+ years and has set the bar way high for female rappers and artists everywhere!

According to #EssenceMagazine ; Missy has officially been inducted into the Songwriters hall of fame this past weekend, becoming the first female rapper to ever receive this honor. Missy was originally nominated for induction back in November 2018, also deemed the first female rapper to ever receive a songwriters hall of fame nomination! She’s is now one of three rappers to ever be inducted alongside #JayZ and #JermaineDupri.


Missy took to #Twitter to state : “I want to CONGRATULATE all the AMAZING songwriters who have been inducted into the 2019 ‘Song Writers Hall of Fame,’” she continued : “Also those who were nominated because their body of work is AMAZING. I AM SO HUMBLY GRATEFUL to now be inducted also.”

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