Harvard University News Paper Appoints First African American Female President

Through all the trails and tribulations we’ve endured as a country this past year; we are proud to witness the effective change that is taken place before us. The change of pace within Government officials, the stance within society millennials are taking against injustice, prejudice and racism and the good fight we are willing to put up for a better tomorrow . A new day is coming and it’s beginning with all of our voices!

History has been made; Harvard University news paper also known as “ Harvard Crimson” has officially appointed their first African American female President; Kristine E Guillame. According to #NewsOne ; Crimson was originally established in 1873 and currently serves as the country’s oldest standing college newspaper. Previous presidents of the Crimson paper were former United States Presidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Kristine E Guillame is a junior at Harvard and will begin her position sometime next year. Guillame began her career with Crimson as a reporter and effectively worked her way to the top. Guillame is a Queens, #NewYork native who is currently majoring in African American studies.

If my election has validated anyone’s experience or validated anyone’s belonging in Crimson, then my hard work will be worth it and will continue to be worth it,. I want people to think about how to navigate and feel like they can and get through their education and feel like they do belong here. That’s a big thing for me.” Guillame tells #CNN .