Hanif Johnson Becomes Youngest Judge In Pennsylvania At Age 27!

Hanif Johnson has officially created history becoming the youngest Judge in the state of Pennsylvania at the age of 27. 

Throughout Johnson’s journey, he endured many trials and tribulations, including numerous encounters with the law. According to #BlackEnterprise , while Johnson attended Penn State University, he was the then President Of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and ultimately faced charges linked to hazing allegations. Johnson was placed in jail for three weeks and then later found guilty, but the judge still charged him with two counts of harassment.

“It’s crazy because I know how it feels sitting across from that judge and that jury when you’re innocent,” Johnson told the Huffington Post. “I went to jail for two weeks, then I went to trial. Thank God I won. That was one of the happiest days; I just felt like my life was going to be taken from me” , states Johnson within a huff post interview. 

Within this present point of his life, Johnson is said to be a different man. Becoming the youngest Judge in the history of Pennsylvania, wasn’t an easy task or obstacle but he overcame it. Sources state Johnson successfully won the magisterial seat over republican candidate Claude Phipps by an estimated 73% margin!

Johnsonn states the current status of society motivated him to come run for office.  “When you sit back, and you see Donald Trump become president, and you hear about all of these things we are being affected by, it seems like everything happens through the court system,” Johnson states within a HuffPost interview. “Everybody always says, well, we complain about stuff, but we never get up and do anything. This is me getting up and doing something. “