Chicago Woman Offers Shelter To Numerous Homeless Residents, Free Of Charge During Below Zero Weather!

it goes without saying, that a simple act of kindness goes a long way. This past week’s record low temperatures has thrown all of us for an artic whirl wind. As we all stuff our coats with double layers, super warm and extremely ugly hats, paired up with cozy scarfs to make it through our daily activities and rush back home. There’s a group of people who are left to fend for themselves against bitter temperatures, with no shelter or source of heat. If you’re ever feeling ungrateful, please count your blessings!

A woman in Chicago has shown and proved that angels do exist. According to #Wusa9 a woman by the name of Candice Payne is responsible for assisting numerous homeless residents find shelter  to avoid the frigid weather. Sources have indicated that Payne swiped her American Express card at a local hotel, to purchase a total of 20 rooms for Chicago residents. Payne’s sincere act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed, multiple volunteers decided to offer their assistance as well.

Sources have indicated that, a total of 60 rooms were charged to help provide shelter to numerous homeless men and women. Payne’s act of generosity lead to a over 80 people being provided a place to stay for the next few days free of charge. This past week numerous deaths have occurred due to the dangerously low temperatures, especially in the Chicago area. Numerous homeless men and women have been stated to have frozen to death. Thankfully Payne’s warm heart helped saved lives. 

Tamara JacksonComment