#WonderWomenWednesday : Black Female Cosmetics Brand Owner Generate $ 1 Million In 90 Minutes!

There is no dream too big or too small y’all! That idea you have living in your head? Breathe life into it! Understand the importance of not only believing in yourself but assuring that everything your heart desires becomes a reality. Social media influencer and cosmetic brand creator #SupaCent is living proof that dreams do come true!

According to #EssenceMagazine ; not too


ong ago Cent was a small town girl from #NewOrleans who started out as a waitress and began creating viral comical snippets via social media. Followers took her humor rapidly and as her platform grew so did her brand. In 2017, Cent established a cosmetic line that consisted of multicolored eyeshadow palettes which she entitled #TheCrayonCase. This summer, Cent introduced her brand on the #EssenceFestival stage.

Unfortunately though, sources state that the crayon brand #Crayola mirrored cents Idea, created a makeup line of their own, and forwarded Cent zero credit. The line was short lived and didn’t produce the same quality as Cent’s did.

On Monday; Supa Cent also known as Reynell Steward broke the Internet; single handily generating $ 1 million in 90 minutes on cyber Monday with a sale of 60% off of her website at Shop.TheCrayonCase.Com


Congratulations Supa Cent; you’ve unknowing inspired us all!