#BLACKEXCELLENCE: Mother Of Six Serves 100+ Lunches Daily To Neighborhood Children!

A St Louis Missouri Mom has devoted both her heart and time to providing daily lunch for her six kids plus the hundreds of children within her neighborhood!

According to #GoodMorningAmerica Champale Anderson commutes straight home from work each day around 12:30PM to make lunch for the neighborhood kids as they exit the school bus at 2:30PM. By then she’s already outside awaiting for their arrival,”those kids are waiting on me. I have to be out there because they are so excited,” states Anderson.


She goes on to say that she know’s what it’s like to not have much growing up and wants to help the best way she can.“I didn’t have a great childhood. It was pretty rough. That made me not want any other kid to go through that.”

Anderson’s journey began when she noticed neighborhood kids panhandling for change at a local gas station; also when her children’s friends would come over to their home terribly hungry. That’s when she established the Grassroots charity, Champ’s Tear Drops organization.


The lunch bags consist of deli meat sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks. Anderson states she often switches it up to provide a nice surprise for the children.

“Sometimes kids get a bag and come back to my house around 7 p.m. because that may be the only meal they have during the day.They ask for another bag and I say, ‘Of course.’ ”

Anderson also takes the kids to school that miss the bus and and even provides breakfast.

Anderson provides these meals out of her own pocket and is seeking help from anyone willing to assist with making sure the kids in her neighborhood have food to eat each day. She has created a #GoFundMe page to accept donations initially only requesting $1,500 ; she has now received over $72,000.

Anderson’s dream is to open a recreational center for the children in her neighborhood one day.

Amazing work Ms. Anderson we salute you!