North Carolina Teen Helps Popeye’s Chicken Customers Register To Vote While Waiting In Line!

A #NorthCarolina teen has effectively utilized the craze over the popular #Popeyes chicken sandwich, to help inflict a positive change not only in his community but society as a whole!

According to #Blavity ; David Ledbetter, 17 took it to the streets within his hometown of Charlotte , NC. As numerous people lined up to feed their hunger cravings at a local Popeyes establishment, Ledbetter helped each person register to vote as they waited.

To his surprise majority of the people in line were already registered to vote. For the 16 people who weren’t Ledbetter assisted them with registering.

“I once attended a caucus meeting in Charlotte and I noticed the lack of young people present. I wanted to start an initiative to allow more youth to become politically involved so I thought registering people to vote and handing out information on voting would be the best way to engage,” Ledbetter states.

“All week I’ve been seeing people waiting in line for the Popeyes chicken sandwich. So we thought that we should register people to vote while they waited”