Mother Creates Helpful Invention To Assist With Visually Impaired Son’s Day To Day Routine!

A #NewYorkCity mother has taken her visually impaired son’s destiny into her own hands; by inventing a creation that not only honors his independence but allows to him to live a normal life!

According to #Blavity ; Gracie Benedith-Cane’s noticed in the early stages of her son Wani’s life that he would endure certain difficulties. Sources have indicated that Wani was only two months old when a doctor stated to his mom that he wouldn’t have perfect vision. “I realized something was going on with his eyes when he was two months,”states Gracie to local news.” I took him to the doctor, and he told me that he wasn’t going to have 100 percent of his vision.”

Wani was then diagnosed with septo-optic nerve dysplasia, it’s described as a disorder that directly affects the development of the optic nerves in the brain. It disallows visual information to be transferred to the brain. It’s identified as a rare condition, that according to the U.S library of Medicine only occurs in 1 out of every 10,000 live births due to unknown causes.

Gracie was blown away by the news and feared for the complications her son would endure thorough out his life; “What is his future going to be like? How is he going to make it in the sighted world“ she recalled pondering often.

Gracie as well as her family made adjustments to their lives in order to provide a space where they’d all be able to adapt to the changes Wani would have to live with. When he first became older enough to dress himself, Gracie states he endured great difficulties. In result she created away to help him that also allowed for him to be independent at the same time.

She created “ Braille Patches “, described as patches that attach to Wani’s clothes and shoes that provide specific instruction to make sure he’s wearing the items correctly. “The patches, they're adhesive and you could stick them to clothes. And it has directional cues such as back, left and right,” Wani states. “If the braille is on the inside, that means it's inside-out and if it's on the outside, then it means it's fine.”

Gracie has even turned her helpful idea into a business, by selling Braille Patches through her company named Braille Code Inc. She allow sells her self published books to assist visually impaired kids with learning how to maneuver throughout the world.