Melissa Harville-Lebron Is Named The First Black Woman In History To Own A NASCAR Team!

How does that old saying go, “The best way to make God laugh is by telling him your plans.”

Single Mother #MelissaHarvilleLebron never would’ve imagined her career path would transition from being an intern at Sony Music to becoming a New York City department correctional officer, to launching her own multicultural entertainment company to then being crowned the first black woman to own a NASCAR team!

According to #BlackEnterprise Harville-Lebron’s NASCAR journey began with her sons. Sources state she took her sons to a NASCAR experience event at Charlotte Super Speed Way, hoping to scare them away from their exuding excitement for the sport. However the event not only elevated the boys interest, Harville-Lebron fell in love with the sport as well. Harville-Lebron then began researching further and investing to develop a team of her own. “I got invited to a NASCAR experience and I brought my boys along thinking that it would discourage them, but it did not work that way, she states to local news.


Harville-Lebron noticed immediately that there was a grey area within the NASCAR’s history. Limited amount of black drivers and no sole black team owner; which motivated her further to amplify diversity into NASCAR’s legacy.

“It’s important for our culture to push generational wealth to our children. It’s important to lead by example. All too often our children see negative images of our culture and I think it’s very important for people of our culture actually succeeding in business,” states Harville-Lebron.