Graduating Class Of Bronx Charter School Receive Sky Rocketing Scores On Statewide Math Exam!

Congratulations are in order! An entire graduating class from a Bronx Charter School has not only passed one of the most difficult state exams in New York City, but has successfully received record breaking scores as well!

According to the #NewYorkPost ; Success Academy Bronx 2 located in the Concourse Village area has beat the societal odds placed against them. Sources have indicated that the area is identified as the poorest congressional district in the Nation. However, you should never be too quick to judge a book from the shelf it comes from. 53 students from the graduating class received perfect scores on the statewide math exam, with a ranking of 5 out of 5.


Reports read that a 5 out of 5 is an equivocal score of 85 percent and higher. The school’s administrative team announced the students triumphant scores last week during their graduation ceremony. Parents and loved ones were overjoyed with admiration for each student’s spectacular scores.

“The collective pride in the whole room was through the roof,” states the school’s Principal Todd Gentilcore.

“The parents were cheering, the teachers were cheering, the kids were cheering.”