9 Year Old Elementary Student Publishes Feminist Book Of Poetry!

Imagine the sense of accomplishment an individual must feel from publishing their first book. The hard work, determination and sacrifice an individual must endure to complete such an impactful task. Now I magine completing this task as a 9 year old elementary student. 

According to #Blavity ; Halle Amor Moore, 9 of Gaithersburg #Maryland is making major moves. Moore has officially published a feminist book of poetry. Well beyond her years,  Moore grew up within a military family; with the advantage of traveling the world and experiencing different life endeavors that the average child her age has not. Moore serves as an activist and public speaker, who aspires to attend law school in the future. 

Sources have indicated that it took Moore one year to write “  The Pages of Life“ . The author held her first book  signing Jan. 25 at he school, Field roads elementary.