80 Men from Harris County Jail successfully obtain their associates degree!

Let us not fall short to our past mistakes but lift ourselves up to correct our wrongs; in order to move. forward.

Drapped In all royal blue cap and gowns, the gentlemen of Harris County Jail have successfully graduated from Houston Community college. The program is voluntary and has been stated to consist of  compellingly advanced courses. Which are competitive and have specific requirements each student must complete, states the ShadeRoom.com . 

They've successfully obtained high demand vocational services certificates for programs such as OSHA & warehouse training.

 Pail Reyes, 34  has been ranked 1 of 4 inmates within his graduating class to have obtained the highest test scores on all three mandatory exams. “People make mistakes, and we try harder, and we apply ourselves in a more positive manner, and we just want to do better in life.”

Congratulations Gentlemen!!!