#WonderWomenWednesday: "The Beauty that lives within self care"

Brittany Williams, CEO of Tehsur and former engineering student at City College of New York. Began making products back in 2009 but for personal use. It wasn't until after receiving multiple requests, that she decided thought to turn her hobby into a business. 



Tehsur is a natural and handmade product line that promotes healthy hair and skin. The name Tehsur is derived from the Tussore moth of India. This moth produces a beautiful coarse silk; while Tehsur products produce beautiful smooth skin and hair. 



The Tehsur brand is based heavily on simplicity, knowledge, and health. Encourages people to love the skin and hair they have by providing them with a healthy base. When you keep products simple it's easier to understand what you're putting in/on your body, allowing you to make healthier choices. The Tehsur line allows you to make self-care simple. 

Tehsur was created out of necessity. “I've always been into self-care and pampering but I also suffer from really dry skin”

 “The products I would use never penetrated my skin to provide moisture. I would get the "look" of moisturized glowing skin without actually having that benefit. This caused my skin to peel profusely, prompting me to begin creating my own products. During this process I learned about the health benefits of various natural butters and oils, as well as how they target skin and hair issues. “



"Becoming an entrepreneur has forced me out of my comfort zone. I am generally a very introverted individual that prefers to fade into the background but being an entrepreneur, you must be your own saleswoman. I learned how to interact with people and upselling myself as well as the products I had to offer. It's also challenged me to change my ways of procrastination. "

"The most important lesson this journey has taught me is to act on ideas when I have them. I have a tendency to wait for the perfect moment to execute ideas and of course the "perfect" moment never presents itself. My advice to anyone aspiring to become an entrepreneur is "Just do it" but be prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. "


Tehsur provides a level of exclusivity and pampering. You are treating yourself to soft skin and hair, wonderful scent, all while using quality natural ingredients. Pampering yourself shouldn't feel like a once in a while thing. Pampering and self-care should be daily, Tehsur provides that. Most in-store products sit on the shelf for months at a time and when you go to purchase them there is no one there to tell you about the products (I.e.: how to use them or what's in them. Since most ingredients are difficult to pronounce, and how that product can help you). Tehsur is only sold online or at pop up shops. At both encounters you are receiving knowledge on all of those areas as well as receiving a touch of exclusivity, you can't buy this experience just anywhere. 



" I’ve educated myself on how each product should be constructed, each ingredient has been extensively researched. Benefits of every ingredient when used topically or ingested, as you know any perishable product placed on your skin or hair is absorbed into your body. I also make it my duty to educate current and potential customers ever so often to understand what issues they may have and how I can create a product that will help them. "

What pushes me to continue in this business is the support of my family and friends as well as the many testimonials I receive from customers. No matter how chaotic the business aspect may get all I need is one customer to tell me how much Tehsur products has made a difference in their life.


The Tehsur brand is about enhancing natural beauty by enabling a healthy foundation. Using outside sources to add to your beauty is great but you must have a strong base to begin with.


I believe the black community is no longer simply accepting what is being handed to them. The age we are living in now is the age of questioning. People are no longer okay with things simply being "because that's the way it is", instead it's demanding change, beginning with questioning “Why can't it be this way?". We are embarking a new coming of age and revolutionary era; encouraging people to find their own path and pave their own way instead of traveling that which has already been traveled. 



The future of Tehsur will be the go to self-care brand. Tehsur will only be sold where there is a sale representative available to explain to the customer what they are getting and how it can help them. “As for me, Brittany Williams, I will be over seeing the operations of Tehsur as well as seeing to opening a spa where you can get the full Tehsur "Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good" experience.