#WonderWomenWednesday : Who Is Cherie Amor?


A girl from Brooklyn, New York with a dream and a comb turned Female Boss!



Who is Cherie Amor?

Layered with a very big heart, strength, determination and tough skin. A team player and can also stand alone. I am a mother, daughter, sister and aunt. I was born a girl with a dream and a comb at hand, always! With years of hard work, I shaped my vision into a reality.



What's your background story? Describe your childhood & upbringing.

I had an amazing childhood. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I lived in Cyprus Hill projects for the first 15 years of my life and then my mom moved us to a more suburban area. I grew up very fortunate. My mother always made a way no matter the circumstances. My mother was gifted; always held the ability to make something out of nothing and turn rocks into diamonds

I was an overall good child; honor roll student with consistent good grades. But I was always off somewhere doing my dolls hair. For as long as I could remember I always had a comb in my hand. I went to college I studied special education, I studied health and technology. I’d lost my mother due to pancreas cancer and wanted to educate myself on the disease.

 As a teenager-early adult, what was your dream job?

I wanted to be a boxer, believe it or not. I boxed for a while as a teenager and probably even younger than that, but I grew tired of sweating out. I began doing my friends and family members hair at 13 years old.

But I've always dreamed of being married and owning a hair salon. Having a family of my own and running a business. Not just doing hair touching hearts.

How did you get started in the hair business?

I initially went to hair school between the years of 2009-2010. I met Angela Simmons and was a part of the styling crew for her “Pastry” brand. I've worked with Lala Anthony, and Monica Brown for a while under Nikki Nelms and that’s where everything pretty much began. Working within the industry, people really took to my spirit and knew I was a good person. So everything just really happened naturally.


What’s one of the very first lessons you learned when starting out?

Make sure you have a voice. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you. It happens a lot in the industry. It can happen to anyone, but mostly Women.

   What’s one thing you would’ve changed from the past now knowing what you know about your craft?

I would have been more attentive to my business; I became side tracked trying to please everyone. The more I was focused on taking care of people, the more I pulled away from my business. The growing distance between myself and my business, held the potential of hurting me.

 What’s the basis behind the Elegance of Amor Brand?

I go by the name behind Cherie Amor, which means sweetie, lovable, darling etc. My brand basically comes from how I represent myself. All together the name is just different. It stands on its own., I wanted something that describes myself. You get an elegant feel from the moment you step into my shop, down to the details of the décor. Details matter.

How do you want women to feel once entering the shop, to the moment they exit?

To feel amazing, encouraged, and no matter what your flaws are know that you are still feel beautiful! The hair only enhances what you already have.

Describe the Elegance of Amor experience.

A sister hood bonding, healing, enjoyable and relaxing experience. We speak about different things in the shop, from whatever any individual is currently going through or struggling with. It’s a chance to bond between women, I Interact directly in the shop as well. We've cried together grown together; we’re all family


What are 3 key factors of a successful business?

Organization, a supportive team and a passion for your craft. By the grace of god of my shop is always, busy and it is a blessing. My customers are loyal to me and I am loyal to them. We are open 5 days a week Tuesday-Saturday. On my off days; I conduct private sessions for customers who suffer from hair loss, and feel more comfortable having their hair styled privately.

Why do you think it’s important for Women to obtain a position of power?

It’s a necessity to have women leadership!

 We're so powerful and even more powerful when we’re unified. 


What is your advice for anyone thinking about opening their own business or pushing towards entrepreneurship?

Money management is rule number one!

Make sure it’s a passion, do not commit yourself to something you don’t care about for ie. a title or for show. Work hard and enjoy the ride.

Why is it important to support black businesses?

So we can put money back into our own pockets. We spend all of our hard owned money to people who don’t care about the black community, we need to invest back into us.

 What has been your overall experience as a black female business owner?

I had to learn a lot of things along the way. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge or experience within the business aspect of things. Lots of mistakes were made, certain situations all balled downed to unprofessionalism. I had to start over again and get myself and my brand where it needed to be. Everything I went through, I grew from.

You deal with a lot but you learn from it all. Being a mom strengthened my grind, that’s who I do it for.

3 rules you live by?

Stay prayed up, be myself always and stay in a position to be a leadership at all times.

Definition of a female boss?

Someone who has her life together. Something to offer for generations to come, has the ability to lead and to be nothing but great period.


Do you feel that your business has an impact on black culture?

 We want people to feel and know who they are and be confident within their skin.

How has your brand shaped your life?

My brand and my business; it saves me and keeps me sane me. It keeps me grounded, brings me peace; I’ll call in like, "I’m not in a good mood, coming to work.” My brand is my serenity it’s the church to my soul and i love it so much

 10 years from now; when we hear the name Cherie Amor, What can we expect?

You can aspect to hear of how many lives she saved, the impact she has had on people, Whether dead or alive.


" Elegance of Amor"

Located at 644 elton street, Brooklyn NYC 11208

Open 9am-7pm


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