"Get your life Podcast edition " By Jahmila

We are two months into 2018, how’s everybody doing? Are we accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves before or after January 1st? Are we crossing things off our to do list? Are we developing better habits that’ll transform us into the people we envision ourselves becoming?

Wherever you are on your journey, we all know that we can’t get there without a little help. Whether you have an accountability group to keep you on top of your goals, a trust worthy friend to tell you when you’re not living up to your potential, or your parents hackling you so you don’t become the family disappointment *rolls eyes* we all, or I hope we all have those people in our lives that keep us grounded and help us see the bigger picture.

However, sometimes, you may need an extra dose of truth and information.

I really enjoy podcasts, especially from people who range in age and life experiences. It gives me insight into the world outside of my own perspective and allows me to learn and grow from a place of non-judgement.

In the spirit of #BlackHistoryMonth and a highlight on overall #BlackExcellence, below are a few folks that will gather your life in all areas, including finances, entrepreneurship, dating and romance, career, and personal/spiritual growth.

As Above So Below


As Above, So Below is for those of you who are here for yoga + wellness. A yoga podcast, brought to you by Tie, aka The Hippie Heathen and Dj Townsel. In As Above, So Below tackle all the abstract questions about the yoga world, and bring a fresh perspective as two yogis of color, in a Wellness World that is often saturated with faces that doesn’t look like ours. The duo, tackles subjects like chakras, meditation, mental health, and all things with spirituality.


Black Girl In Om


BGIO, is a wellness based podcast focused on all things self love, self care, and holistic healing. Created by Lauren Ash and co-hosted by Deun Ivory, Black Girl In Om is a platform used to highlight and promote the experiences of Women of Color.


Black Girl Podcast


What’s better than one black girl? Five! Black Girl Podcast, is everything the group chat with your girls is like but on audio. It’s lit, it’s loud, and it gets real. Nothing is off limits and that’s what makes the podcast so genuine. It’s real in that there is no holding back, the ladies discuss everything from love, sexual harassment, television shows, career, and the highs and lows of life. This is definitely the podcast you

listen to on your way to work or school to jumpstart you're morning or after a long day.


Gettin’ Grown


Is there anyone else that doesn’t have a clue as to how to adult or is it just me? Somewhere between high school and life, your thrown into this thing called the ‘real world’ with few instructions on how to navigate. Dating? Career growth? Personal Development? Effective Communication? Personal Style? How does one tackle it all? Jade and Keia break it all down, with lots of humor and doses of real shit.

Happily Ever Muhammed


First and foremost #TeamBlackLove. Ashley and Mustafa are a recently married couple bringing an elixir of all things love and relationships. What I love most about them is their honesty and candidness with each other and the listeners. They never try to fake the funk and they air out all out their lows and highs. They give their listeners the reality of what a successful marriage and healthy relationships look like. They parent with one another, and they fight for their love, and that is something I truly respect and admire.


Hoodrat to Headwrap


If W.E.B Du Bois had a podcast, this is what it would sound like. This is the most woke podcast you’ll ever listen to. Hoodrat to Headwrap a Decolonized Podcast, is brought to you by sexuality educator Ericka Hart and Ebony Donnley. They discuss the truths about white supremacy and its affect on the lives of black folks. It’s everything you’d learn in an African American History college course, with a sprinkle of ratchet. The perfect balance.


Oprah Super Soul Sunday Conversations


Does Auntie Oprah even need an introduction at this point in her career? Super Soul Conversations is brought to you by philanthropist and our spiritual guru, Oprah Winfrey. A podcast focused on awakening and discovering the deeper meaning of life and purpose in a chaotic world; through asking the deep, vulnerable, and big questions about life. Hear Oprah interview some of the worlds most enlightened and influential leaders, who share wisdom from their personal lives and experiences. This podcast is a sure way to lighten your spirit and set your soul on fire.

Paychecks & Balances

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We don’t speak about money often, mainly because millennials are just getting a grip on the idea of finances, having a 401k, debt, and retirement plans. Discussing finances may feel like a burden for some, regardless of their financial stand point, a lot of young people feel shamed they aren’t responsibly
managing their finances, or they're not making the money they desire. Paychecks & Balances, is a fun informative podcast that addresses work and money for millennials, where hosts, Rich and Marcus, share their experiences. They provide an entertaining and insightful approach to money management, professional growth and other relatable gems for the 20 and 30 somethings’ trying to advance and succeed.

Rise And Grind with Daymond John


Rise and Grind, a motivational podcast brought to you by Daymond John, star of ABC’s Shark Tank, and Founder and CEO of FUBU. John’s purpose for Rise and Grind is to highlight excellency, resiliency, and the power of hard work; in his very candid interviews with some of todays most successful entertainers, entrepreneurs, musicians, and athletes. He has conducted interviews with Gary Vaynerchuk, Wendy Williams, Tyler the Creator, and more. Each interview sheds light on the secrets they used to outperform, outwork, and out hustle their way to the top. We all get the same 24 hours in a day, what are you doing with yours?

Sex with Strangers


Sex with Strangers is a podcast, that makes me happy that podcasts exist. Seriously, I wish this podcast was around when I was growing up; it address the in and outs of sex and the sexual experience from a range of lenses. Its like sex- ed but from your dope, older cousins who was LIVING, giving you the real tea on sex, dating, love, and relationships.

She’s Beauty and the Beast

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Tracy G. is a bad ass, free spirited, curious, passionate, scorpio with a fire inside of her, that lights up the world. She’s that one friend who tells you like it is, but gives you a hug after to let you know that it’s all love. Join Tracy G, who serves you black girl magic and truth, from her own lived experiences. Tracy walks us through the mundane aspects of our day to day lives with affirmations, empowerment, and insight. If you’re interested in glowing up, sexuality, and spirituality, this is the podcast for you.

Small Doses with Amanda Seales


Candid, honest, and insightful are all appropriate terms for Small Doses. She is educated, funny, and witty as hell. Insecure’s very own, Amanda Seales, is everything her stand up comedy and game show “Smart, Funny, and Black” portrays her to be. Small Doses makes you laugh, think, and probably cry, as Amanda tells like it is on having insecurities, dating, psychology, human sexuality, and current events. An insightful podcast that will have you reevaluating your life, habits, and truths.

Therapy For Black Girls

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The Friend Zone is brought to you by Assante, Fran also known as Hey Fran Hey, and Dustin Ross; The Dynamic Trio. Here’s a podcast for young and grown folks alike, who are ready to do the dirty work of getting their lives. A beautiful hybrid of sophist-ratchet. Between the music man segment, tv-land, and wellness; it’s made for all ears, from all walks of life, where gems are dropped and edges are snatched!

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