#BlackExcellence 12 Year Old Entrepreneur Starts His Own Business And Encourages Others To Do The Same

 #NOIRONLINEORG : To Quote The Late #WhitneyHouston “ I Believe The Children Are Our Future, Teach Them Well And Let Them Lead The Way “ . For Example; 12 Year Old Entrepreneur, Chef And BusinessmanMason Wright Is Evidence Of Such.

According To #IssueWire , Wright Had Been Turned Down From Many Jobs In The Past Due To His Young Age. His Eagerness, Determination And One Trip To #NYC Changed His Entire Life. Wright States The Bright Lights And Variant Of  Food Carts All Over The City Inspired Him Deeply. “All I saw was superheroes and hot dogs “. Which ultimately lead him to a business venture of his own.

“Mason’ Super Dogs “ ; a mobile hot dog stand that personally vendors at birthday parties, festivals and social gatherings. This summer, Mason has began vending at the History Black College of Moorehouse. He aspires to attend one day.