11 Year Old Receives Full Scholarship To Southern University!

Class are officially back in session this week at Southern University, located in Baton Rouge, #Louisiana . 11 year old #ElijahPrecciely is set to began officially his journey as a college student, with a full scholarship to the university. 

Precciely, is an acclaimed child provide who is currently majoring in Physics. According to the #Advocate , Precciely has been talking courses at Southern University since he was 8 years old. Sources state Precciely’s classmates are astonished by how smart he is and are in disbelief of his age. He’s often mistaken for a 15 year old, in which he always corrects them and informs them that he’s only 11. Precciely daily motivation derives from the acceleration of his own knowledge. Stating that he know’s that the more information he obtains the more useful his life will be.

 “When I reflect on this Joseph S. Clark Presidential Scholars Award it means absolute legacy, nothing but legacy to me,” Elijah states. “Those that have paved the way, I want to thank you for paving the way in my education, and I will absolutely pave the way for others to do the impossible. I am elated.”