11 Year Old Vegan Chef Establishes Plant Based Restaurant“Dipalicious “

An eleven year old boy from the UK is not only serving up delectable, award winning vegan cuisine but also the blue print upon the importance of following your passion!

According to #LiveKindly ; Omari McQueen has been named the youngest award winning Chef within the UK. He is also the CEO of his own company and founder of a Caribbean vegan restaurant named Dipalicious.

Dipalicious derives from an incident where McQueen was experimenting with vegan tomato sauce for a pizza he was making for his #Youtube channel. He explained that the sauce was so dry that he began experimenting in creating his own sauce. His first sauce has been stated to have been extremely tasty and the rest was history from then on in.


Sources have indicated that McQueen is highly praised for sharing his own vegan food and recipes on the social media platform of #Instagram. Vegan goodies such as as BBQ jackfruit with breadfruit fries and curry. Dipalicious current available flavors are: Luv’in Jerk, Caribbean Kick, and Coco Curry. All of the flavors have been inspired by Caribbean spices and cuisines. McQueen has been stated to be currently working on providing vegan snacks.

Reports read that McQueen grew a passion for cooking from both of his parents and began cooking when his mother had gotten sick.

“I can’t believe my dreams are coming true,”