#WonderWomenWednesday: Meet The Ladies Of Glamourina; Combing Culture & Style For The Women On The Go!

This week’s #WonderWomenWednesday is dedicated to the powerfully motivating women of a black owned business named “ Glamourina! “ The Glamourina brand is a collaboration of mother’s working together to combine healthy living, culture and style for the busy women on the go! Check them out!


Mothers on a Mission- Realizing that healthy lifestyles have a great importance in our psychological and physical wellness, Kia Phillips and Nekol G realized there was a void in the activewear apparel market for culturally conscious women and working mothers. “There were few images of women that looked like us in the market, and there were few designs that represented our culture and heritage”. So, in the spirit of creation these Queens decided to embark on a journey birthing their own inspirational activewear brand Glamourina.

Nekol G and Kia Phillips are the cofounders of Glamourina. Nekol is an artist and Kia is a certified personal trainer. We both work full time jobs as we continue to build our business. As mothers, we came together with a joint mission of empowering and encouraging women of color to live healthy, active lifestyles.


The ladies plan to impact the world by showing other women of color the importance of representation in a world where we are least represented. Showing people who look similar to ourselves is important. We are also educating women on the need to take better care of ourselves and our bodies. Our goal is and has always been to display the diversity of women of color by emphasizing the beauty of our skin tones, body shapes and sizes.

While the sudden explosion of blackface in the fashion industry is disappointing, they are neither shocked nor surprised.  There is a long standing history of the absence of the Black experience and its complete elimination from the consciousness of non Black designers and in major fashion houses. The culture of insensitivity embedded in the recent 'blackface' designs is the direct result of the absence of real Black faces in the boardroom when designs are approved for production.


Now is the time to remind ourselves why creating and supporting Black owned businesses is so important. Black owned businesses are crucial to the growth and financial prosperity of our community.  Black owned businesses are the only businesses that will hire the most Black people, therefore creating jobs and  equity within our community.

They believe that we as people do not need to waste time and energy being mad at the blackface sweater, the attached noose necklace or the little monkeys hanging on purses, all made  by designers who do not care about us or our community.

The antidote to their insensitivity is taking our yearly $1.25 trillion dollar purchasing power and buy from Black owned businesses like Glamourina as much as we possibly can.


The ladies love designers like Tracy Reese and Aurora James stating that “they pride themselves in being a positive representation for women of color. They both demonstrate being true to your roots, appreciating your culture and working to push the culture forward.” As far as modeling their activewear, they would love to work with Serena Williams. Stating that “ she’s too represents the culture in a positive light and takes steps to push our culture forward along with being one of the best tennis players to exist.”

The Ladies state that it is important to do your research and remain determined throughout the process of starting out your own business or following a dream. They believe that researching your aspiring industry is very important to understand what will be required of you and what steps you need to take to succeed. Determination will also be that quality needed to keep pushing your business forward because it can take time to reach your goals for the business.