New Orleans High School Senior Receives 115 College Acceptance Letters & 3+ Million In Scholarships!

Congratulations are in order Family! A New Orleans High School Senior is out here making major moves! Sis has officially received a total of 115 college acceptance letters and racked up over 3+ million in scholarship funding!

According to #USAToday International High School student Antoinette Love began filling out college applications in September of 2018. Sources have indicated that it wasn’t long until Love received numerous college acceptance letters and scholarship offers. Love’s high school took to Facebook with a photo of her alongside her parents and numerous acceptance letters to state: “The IHSNO community is so proud of you and your accomplishments!”

It has been stated that Love will be visiting numerous college campuses in the next few weeks and will make an overall decision upon what school she’ll attend in May. Love tells local news outlets that she aspires to be a teacher one day and will be majoring in elementary education while in college. Love currently maintains a 3.5 GPA and spends her spare time amongst her parents and younger siblings.