#ManificentMonday : The Face Behind Meet The Curator Brand! Implementing Culture & Creativity!

This week’s #ManificentMonday salute goes to an up and coming brand that pay’s homage to the culture while celebrating black kings and Queens everywhere! Get familiar with the face behind “ Meet The Curator” and the messages they have for brand’s who want our dollars but can’t accept or respect our legacy. 


The founder of “ Meet Curator” brand is Kevin Nmah. The brand is supported and buoyed by the unwavering, Tracey Frye. There are several other people who are behind the scenes in unofficial roles but the goal of growing the brand to a regional/national is shared by all. As they say,  it takes a village and to the  “Meet the Curator” brand they  believe in the power of team.

The brand Meet The Curator was something that was always in the back of the mind of Kevin Nmah. As most stories go, he was faced with a crossroads while working as a financial analyst back in 2015. The proposition was simple, if he was to project out 10-20 years from now, would he still want to be doing the job? The answer was a resounding no. It was a personal journey to seek out what he wanted to do with his life; not what society, his religion, his mother, his sister or his group of friends wanted him to do. What exactly HE wanted. So when you hear Meet The Curator it's all about the individual being proud to show others what their collection of experiences and choices have come together to display in their gallery of life. Making people become aware that they have the power to control their destiny just like a museum curator has control of the artifacts and collections in a gallery. Tracey was a friend of the founder and truly believed in the vision and concept of Meet The Curator and wanted to align herself with the MOVEMENT

“ Meet the Curator “ plans to impact the world within twofold: first by creating content and messaging that continues to pour into people that this one life is theirs to curate as they see fit. What speaks to the individual whose values align with Meet The Curator. The 5 foundational values of the brand (vision, belief, discipline, perseverance and independence) we hope to provide the tools that allows people to figure out what they truly want. Secondly, who does not like being fresh? Through continued design, merchandising and apparel we hope to outfit people around the nation with branded, positive messaging that tells the story of Meet The Curator.

“The Black Community has an obligation to itself to be the leader we clearly are in the world of influence. At the end of the day it is no secret that the influence that is shown by numerous African Americans is something that people all over the world want to experience. It’s imperative that the community make a conscious effort to own that influence. That could come in a numerous amount of ways, through economic support of other brands that are not your global fashion brands. Highlighting the lack of diversity in some of these brands is noble, but then comes a choice. Do we continue to support the brands but ask/demand that they provide a seat at the table for African Americans who care about the culture to be included in their brand? Trillion-dollar question, however, we know that mindset is very huge in any culture and in regards to the Black Community, a collective reset of our mindset of needing/wanting to be included in a world that only sometimes wants to include us, is necessary. “

The message that these brands are forwarding with these insensitive instances of racism is one that says we do not care or we do not know any better. Both are dangerous and both should be a wakeup call to ALL people that for some this thing of cultural influence or fashion is never about inclusivity but about dollars retained for the owners. These companies have the economic capital, the industry influence and cultural influence to identify gaps in their collective process where they could be more aligned with the cultures they promote to. From ideation to creating to executive decisions being made, they show that there’s still room to grow.

There are some global designers that come to mind. However, I believe that catering to the status quo gives us more of the same. No offense to up and coming models but I’d much rather see a new face or new designer who is telling a story through their creative designs that help uplift and tell the story of the African American entrepreneur.

EAT is a local DC brand that is really making strides to get to the level where it’s a respectable and sought after brand. It’s really easy to support a FUBU or Sean John because of their clout and collective figureheads, but what about the others? Celebrating just a handful of brands potentially leads us down a road that we are currently trying to get off of.  

I would much rather discover a new face, a new designer than to gain the fancy of someone of great popularity. Disrupting the industry as a whole will take a radical approach.

Meet The Curator believes in the true spirit of creativity and personally believe that any fashion designer would be dope to work with because they’ve got ideas they’ve wanted to see flushed out under the umbrella of a brand. Hence why you see an uptick in African American creatives popping up all over the place that are African American. 

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