#BlackExcellence : 4 Year Old Girl With 140 IQ Becomes Second Youngest Member Of The World’s Largest IQ Society Ever!

2019 is just abundantly oozing with #BlackExcellence , as hundreds of youngesters earn college acceptance letters and grants to prestigious universities and more. We are excited to add to the excellency with a news of a member of the United Kingdom Mensa society has been inducted at only four years old!! 


According to #NewsOne , Alannah George has created history becoming one of the youngest members of Mensa. Mensa serves as the world’s longest reigning IQ society in the world and is considered the largest. Sources have indicated that Alannah’s parents Nadine and Edmund are extremely proud and have stated that their daughter has always been fond of mathematics. She began speaking at 7 months and taught herself to read at age 3. Alannah has often been spotted reading material that was extremely advanced for a child her age. It has been stated that Alannah enjoys math and watches a YouTube show called endless numbers which combines math equations with  cartoon animation.


Sources have stated that Alannah was given an IQ test earlier this  year to test her abilities and her parents were shocked at her high score of 140. “It’s exciting and overwhelming. I want to make sure she achieves her potential and manages to perform to the best of her ability. She is so young but she lives and breathes academia. It was a scary realization when we got the results about how clever she is,” Alannah’s mom tells local news. “I just want to make sure she reaches her full potential and is happy. That’s the main goal. I am in no way a pushy parent so we will support her with whatever she does.”